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We can increase the efficiency and safety of your property with electrical replacement services.

Our homes’ electrical systems are under more stress than ever due to technological advancements and our increasing reliance on electronics. However, many of our systems haven’t been replaced since they were initially installed. While this might be okay if your home is only a few years old, older homes in the Piedmont Triad area might need electrical replacement services. Fortunately, our team at Aspire Electric, Inc. can assess your current system and provide key electrical services if needed.

Electrical Replacement in Piedmont Triad

One important component we’ll look at is your home’s circuit breaker. The purpose of a circuit breaker is to safeguard your home’s electrical infrastructure from overloads and short circuits. Older circuit breakers may become obsolete, deteriorate with time, or be unable to handle modern electrical demands. If you’ve noticed that your circuit breaker is tripping more frequently or your lights flicker occasionally, contact our team to see if an electrical replacement is needed.

Next, our team will assess your home’s lighting systems. Not only can outdated or inefficient lighting fixtures become eyesores, but they can also increase energy costs. Making the switch to more energy-efficient lighting improves the ambience of your living areas while also helping the environment.

Another vital electrical replacement service we offer involves rewiring. Electrical fires are just one of the major safety risks that outdated or defective wiring can present, so rewiring your house is an effective way to make sure that your electrical system meets today’s safety regulations. Aluminum wiring and knob-and-tube wiring are examples of outdated materials that need to be replaced.

Modernizing your electrical system is an investment in your home’s functionality, efficiency, and safety. Our team can assess your current system and provide the services you need to create a safer and more comfortable home.